Agile Online Resources

For those interested in Agile development, whether you’re just starting out or are a current practitioner looking to stay updated, there are numerous online resources that provide valuable information. Here’s a list that includes both some of the sites mentioned earlier and other specialized resources:

  1. Scrum Alliance
    • Focus: Scrum Methodology, Agile Practices
    • Description: Offers resources like articles, case studies, and research papers on Scrum and Agile practices. It’s also the organization behind the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) certification.
    • Website: Scrum Alliance
    • Focus: Scrum Training, Agile Practices
    • Description: Provides a wealth of resources including blogs, webinars, and tools for Scrum practitioners. Also known for its Professional Scrum Master (PSM) certification.
    • Website:
  3. Agile Alliance
    • Focus: Agile Methodologies, Community Engagement
    • Description: A global nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Agile development principles and practices. Offers comprehensive guides, reports, and conference information.
    • Website: Agile Alliance
  4. Mountain Goat Software
    • Focus: Agile and Scrum Training, Practical Tips
    • Description: Run by Mike Cohn, a key contributor to the development of the Agile movement. The site provides a blog, articles, and resources primarily focused on Scrum.
    • Website: Mountain Goat Software
  5. InfoQ – Agile
    • Focus: Agile News, Trends, Best Practices
    • Description: Offers a dedicated section on Agile, featuring news, updates, and practical insights from industry professionals.
    • Website: InfoQ – Agile
  6. AgileConnection
    • Focus: Agile Software Development, Community Articles
    • Description: Provides a platform for Agile practitioners to share their experiences and insights through articles and community discussions.
    • Website: AgileConnection
  7. Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
    • Focus: Scaled Agile, Frameworks, Training
    • Description: Offers resources on the Scaled Agile Framework, an Agile framework for enterprises. Useful for those working in or moving to large-scale Agile operations.
    • Website: SAFe
  8. Agile Coach’s Corner Podcast
    • Focus: Agile Practices, Interviews, Tips
    • Description: A podcast dedicated to Agile practices, offering interviews with experts and practical advice for Agile practitioners.
    • Podcast Link: [Agile Coach’s Corner Agile-coachs-corner-podcast
  9. Agile For All
    • Focus: Agile Training, Workshops
    • Description: Offers a range of Agile and Scrum training courses and workshops. Their blog section provides insightful articles on Agile practices and methodologies.
    • Website: Agile For All
  10. Agile Testing Fellowship
    • Focus: Agile Testing, Courses
    • Description: Specializes in Agile testing methodologies. They offer courses and a blog that shares insights and best practices for testing in Agile environments.
    • Website: Agile Testing Fellowship

These resources cover a wide range of Agile-related topics, from basic principles and methodologies to advanced techniques and enterprise-level practices. They’re invaluable for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of Agile, stay abreast of the latest trends, or find practical guidance for implementation in their projects or organizations.

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