What To Leave Out On Your Resume?

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Keep reading for an exhaustive list of 31 items that your resume can do without. Some items are obvious but it’s always a good idea to clean-up your resume and make it crisp.

My favorite items include

  • Grammar, Format & Spelling – Yes back to basics but there is no excuse for

    Proof read it. Again please

    any of these issues showing up on your resume. Get someone else to review and proofread.
  • Relevancy – Are your personal details (age), hobbies or details about your first job relevant to the job your are applying for? In most cases they are not so use the space to focus on your current skills and experience.
  • The Truth – It does not pay off in the long run to lie on your resume. Stay honest and focus on what you can do versus what you cannot.

Here is the list of 31 items from Business Insider.

  1. Don’t put an objective on your résumé.
  2. Leave irrelevant work experience out.
  3. You don’t need to disclose your relationship status in a professional résumé.
  4. Don’t put your hobbies on your résumé.
  5. Don’t lie.
  6. Putting your age on your résumé could be a hindrance.
  7. Don’t be wordy.
  8. Don’t disclose upcoming vacations on a résumé.
  9. Keep your references separate.
  10. Remove inconsistent formatting.
  11. Don’t say the word ‘I’
  12. Refrain from using the present tense to talk about a past job.
  13. Don’t use a less-than-professional email address.
  14. You don’t need to put “phone” before listing your cell number.
  15. Your résumé is not the place for headers, footers, tables, images, or charts.
  16. Don’t include your boss’s name on your résumé.
  17. Leave out company-specific jargon.
  18. Social-media handles that are not related to the targeted position should be kept off your résumé.
  19. You don’t need more than 15 years of experience.
  20. The résumé is not the place to disclose salary information.
  21. Don’t use a an old-fashioned font.
  22. Don’t use fonts that are hard to read.
  23. Try not to use buzzwords.
  24. Don’t reveal your reasons for leaving your current company.
  25. Don’t add your GPA.
  26. You don’t need to include an explanation of why you want the job.
  27. Keep photos of yourself off your résumé.
  28. The résumé is the place for facts, not opinions.
  29. Don’t include short-term employment.
  30. Remove any unnecessarily fancy job titles.
  31. Delete your laundry list of daily tasks.

Read the original article by Rachel Gillett and Allana Akhtar published in May 3, 2019


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