How to Undertake a Career Change

Some advice, for anyone with a desire to branch out or change careers ...
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If you have found your calling in life or your trade then you need to stick with it. Work at getting better everyday and enjoy the ride!

For the rest of us – career change can be intimidating. provides great tips on what to focus on when you consider this option. Key takeaways from this article include

  • Don’t be afraid to move for a job – You need a different mind-set to uproot yourself and move but there are benefits to moving. If moving is too hard, travel is another option which gives you access to opportunities.
  • Learn as much as you can – Be the best you can be. Soak it up and learn as much as you can.
  • Nurture relationships wherever you go – Invest in people and relationships. You can’t shortcut a relationship, you have to invest and earn the trust.
  • Don’t take a job for the money. If you do, the satisfaction from the paycheck won’t last long, and you’ll still have to do a job you don’t love every day. When you’re looking for a new role, focus on the position, what you can learn, the company mission, and what you’ll be able to do next. And remember that, if you do a great job, more money will always come.
  • Don’t take a job based on the prestige of the company alone – There needs to be fit between what you are looking for and what the company offers. Do your research.
  • Time things as well as you can. Ask yourself, “Is it the right time for me to join this company?” And conversely, “Is it the right time for this company to bring me on board?” For example, one great way to break into a new field is to work at a startup.
  • Before taking a job, know why you want it. Do you want to learn and grow with that company over five or 10 years? Will the knowledge and skills you gain help you reach your ultimate professional goals? Always have a vision for your career down the line, and only take jobs that align with that vision.
  • Find mentors – Seek out the best in your field or role models who can coach and guide you.

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Originally published by Brandon Metcaff at Minute. Read the original article here.

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